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Data Wan


Our Client started operations in1948 and now operates in sand mining, petroleum, steel and contracting.  They employ over 700 workers in 4 states. ICT Partners was known to the Chief Information Officer who asked us to help resolve a particularly difficult and longstanding problem with their Wide Area Data Network. 

The Problem

Not uncommon - unacceptable data network performance causing user frustration and pessimism; However, the Provider was not able to resolve the network performance problems and the contract still had 18 months to run.

The Approach

ICT Partners started with a Needs Analysis. Key sites were visited and Users were consulted and brought into the solution from the start.  Of course, IT staff were well across the problems and ICT Partners worked with them throughout the project.

The ICT Partners Specification had definite scope without impairing the imagination of the Respondents.  The resulting Request for Proposal brought a wide range of solutions as respondents applied their individual experience and strengths to the problems.

In addition to the WAN solution, ICT Partners analyzed, compared and evaluated over 30 components of every response and delivered a quantified, qualified Report with sensible Conclusions and supportable Recommendations.

The Outcome

ICT Partners was able to facilitate a no-risk pilot network, and an industry first end to end latency guarantee with financial rebates.  The no-risk trial was successful and our Client was able to implement the replacement network with a renewed level of confidence. 

And the new network was significantly lower cost – even when the 18 month contract termination liability was added. 

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