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Our Client is an Australian icon with manufacturing and retail operations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

ICT Partners was known to The Manager of Information Systems and called us to validate an offer made by their voice and mobile services Provider to give a 10% discount for the early renewal of the voice and data services contract.

The Problem

Was it worth their while accepting the discount or were there better offers in the market?  They were quite happy with the Provider and did not really want to change, but costs were an issue.

The Approach

ICT Partners started with the actual call data and studied the call profile.  This information was made available to seven Carriers and Service Providers as a Request for Proposal.

ICT Partners did’t just compare the offered rate plans; we also analyzed, compared and evaluated over 30 components of every response, and delivered a quantified, qualified Report with sensible Conclusions and supportable Recommendations.

Over the following months ICT Partners constantly monitored the delivery of the services and ensured that the agreed rates were applied, and further reduced costs significantly by highlighting costly usage behavior and unneeded services.

The Outcome

ICT Partners was able to convert the offered 10% discount into a 54% cost cut without changing Providers.  Usage behavior accounted for a further $17,000 saving and line rationalization accounted for even further cost reduction.

But what was really exciting was the ability two years later to further reduce costs by yet another 44%.

Now that’s a cost saving exercise worth the effort!

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