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Our Client is a provider of social and insurance services throughout Australia.  They were put in contact with ICT Partners by one of their suppliers.


They had experienced a very disappointing and costly office re-location, and there was a significant reduction in operational effectiveness resulting in additional cost and loss of business.  The problem was in investigating the causes, addressing the sensitive internal management issues, reporting on the potential for recompense from the Provider and recommending corrective and cost recovery actions.


ICTP carried out a detailed investigation under the authority of the Chief Operations Officer.  This required sensitivity and insight, as well as firmness and determination to reach a meaningful conclusion.


The final report revealed that there were structural, procedural and behavioural issues within the Organisation that prevented effective project management.  It also identified and detailed the specific errors on the part of the Provider, and facilitated an internal review and external engagement with a view to recompense from the Provider.  In the words of their CEO:

ICT Partners was the only Consultancy willing to take on the big Carriers – all the others said they gained too much revenue through the Carriers to put it at risk by finding them to be at fault.  ICT Partners was the only consultancy who could have done this job”.

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