Our IT department has been asked to cut costs by at least 25%, and the pressure is on to reduce staffing levels, but this means reducing project lead time for important projects. What could ICT Partners do to help that?


In managing costs, one of the first places to look is at staff. The cost is high, there is always a risk associated with hiring and it's a long term commitment. But if losing staff means that high value projects, or operational effectiveness is going to be at risk then there needs to be another way.

ICT Partners addresses cost cutting in the first instance at the most attractive level - by reducing the outlay to Carriers. If you have not had an independent review of your communications costs, that's voice, mobiles and data, then there is every chance that you are paying your Carrier at least 30% more than you should be. This is genuine bottom line cost reduction with no risk, because ICT Partners will prove your savings before invoicing.

And remember, a 'consultant' that takes the order for services under their business name is probably drawing a generous commission for passing business to the Carrier - this is not an independent consultant, and the savings will not be the best possible.

If your monthly Fixed and mobile voice bill is over $25,000, then ICTP can probably save the cost of a staff person without you actually having to lose them.



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Cut   costs   without   cutting   your   efficiency.
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