We had consultants in to help with our disaster recovery planning and in the end the cost of the consulting was very high and their report was not able to be implemented because of the high cost.  We need a DRP but it has to be within our means; how do we do that?


A good adage for Disaster Recovery Planning is “Keep it in perspective”.  Start by looking at the actual cost of not being able to carry out a particular operational function.  The cost of not performing a function; for example, sending out invoices, is definable based on the period of time that the capability is unavailable.  If over the period of five working days the cost to the business is nil, then there is little value in outlaying to ensure that operational function.  But if after a month of the same the cost is $200,000 in cash flow impact, 10% in lost customers, $5,000 in temporary staff and overtime, then there is a basis for planning for that contingency; and there is a financial yardstick against which to determine a budget for Business Continuity Planning.

ICT Partners takes a sensible view of Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery, and we are always realistic about the value 




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Answer 3
Keep   it   in   perspective.
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