VoIP is being considered by management for our company and we are expecting to reduce our costs considerably by not paying for long distance calls and by making Moves Adds & Changes a thing of the past.  There just doesn't seem to be a down-side to this, so why not just stop talking about it and do it?


Voice over IP certainly is coming of age, and in certain situations, yes, you might “just do it”.  But let’s consider a couple of things: The cost of long distance calls does not just go away, it gets moved sideways onto the data WAN budget.  There will be a definite cost and impact that cannot be ignored. 

The impact on the WAN will be real and in many cases very significant, and this must be balanced against the rather boring alternative of simply negotiating with your Carrier for a lower cost carriage of your voice services. Then there is the probable need for QoS on the WAN that might not have previously been needed – new hardware, new services (and costs) from the Carrier.  Back within the office the impact on the LAN and infrastructure must also be considered.  Prioritization, Power over Ethernet, UPS/ capacity, even cabling will need to be reviewed.

So against these costs is weighed the opportunity, that is... what you get versus what it costs you.  Consider the benefits of no MACs, balance the new costs against the old, can this be a 100% IP solution and is there a benefit in re-locating the cost of voice switching from the traditional PABX to IT?

ICT Partners takes a truly agnostic view of this question and starts with the business objectives – after all, the solution must meet the needs of the business.  The other benefit that ICT Partners brings to this solution is access to a wide range of practical, sensible experience without the need to impact on existing staffing resources.




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We   can  validate   the  Opportunity   Cost.
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