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At ICT Partners we really do put our Clients first, ICT Partners was not started as a vehicle to create wealth for its' shareholders; it was created out of a direct need for independent help in the provisioning and management of voice and data communications services. Our aim is to

'assist our Clients to the point where the most appropriate voice and data communications services are in place at the best possible rates'.

We have all been through the corporate mill of Carriers, Service Providers and Vendors, and know how they work. They can work well, but their charter is to achieve the best results for themselves; and if that means whittling a square peg to fit a round hole then perhaps that's what a vendor needs to do.


No square pegs in round holes and no commissions or 'considerations'.

And no 'hard sell'. We just don't do it. Virtually all our work comes from client referrals.

Our value is reflected in the referrals from the industry and our Clients.


ICT Partners is completely independent. We have no affiliation with any service provider, we show no bias in any field. In fact we are best described as technology and vendor agnostic; we only want one thing - the best outcomes for our clients.

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