Virtually every business in Australia is affected by the current Global Economic Downturn, some are directly and crucially affected and others are holding back a crisis through budgetary diligence. And as reduced (or potential for reduced) revenue is at the source of the problem, the focus of this budgetary diligence is to reduce costs.

And as staff are a high cost with an attached indirect liability, logic says 'let's look at the body count'.

But most organisations are already staffed on a needs basis, and staff reduction will immediately affect either operations or necessary capabilities development.

But rather than start our cost cutting by reducing the ability to operate or to develop, we say 'let's NOT look at the body count - let's reduce our costs but retain our capabilities'.

Our independent experience is that most businesses are paying over 30% more than they need to for their communications - and a diligent budgetary review should recover this extra cost.

Now is the time to review, analyse, and set to tender for the
re-contracting at the best rates so that unnecessary costs can be removed. Now is. . . a good time to negotiate.

Granted it is only a small part of the big picture - an ice cube if you like; but a Carrier cost reduction of 30% is quite likely, how many staff could you save?

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Fixed line savings from various Providers:

     Carrier 1    Carrier 2    Carrier 3  Carrier 4

     56.64%     37.76%     29.27%       18.53%


Mobile services savings from various Providers:

     Carrier 1    Carrier 2    Carrier 3    Carrier 4

     54.84%       43.25%        28.22%       21.34%

We can reduce costs without losing staff!
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